At AyurIndia, our mission is to give pure Authentic ayurvedic treatments and genuine medicines in a traditional manner while offering you a comfortable stay and a relaxing atmosphere. We have an excellent group of experienced ayurvedic doctors, Traditional vaidyans and well qualified therapists working under AyurIndia (Ayurkshethra Ayurvedic Hospital) with traditional formulas. We are a tradition of excellence since 1909 in the respective field. We have a chain of Ayurvedic hospitals working throughout Kerala under the name and style of Ayurkshethra which gives us the competitive advantage over others.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one ancient science that still enriches other avenues of medicine. Kerala's vaidyans or physicians have adhered to the purest practice of Ayurveda and have built a rich tradition over the years. The Ayurvdeic therapies rejuvenate the body and mind by cleansing and toning the whole body. It makes one feel lighter, younger and generally more energetic. The best feature about Ayurveda is, that being natural , it has no side effects at all. 5000 years old and still relevant! Incredible as it may sound.

What we Offer

Health Care Programmes
Rejuvenation Packages
Detoxification Packages
Slimming Package
Pain Management Programmes


My wife and I had a very good time of relaxation and therapy at your facility. The room was very good and the grounds were very pleasant. Our ten day stay was highlighted by the wonderful oil massage and treatment. We appreciate your staff who made such an effort to make our stay so good. I hope to return someday soon.

Carl Aiken, MD. Nov 2010

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